The Life Changing Magic Of Decluttering

The Life Changing Magic Of Decluttering videos will teach you how to change your life and lifestyle for the better. Life change can happen in many ways, sometimes economically, socially, spiritually, relationally, and in many otther respects. So think of ways that you c

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The Organized Mind

The Organized Mind teahcs you best principles to get your life in order.

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Addictions Formula Daily Vlog

Addictions Formula Daily Vlog are videos that Mervin creates for his students in order to keep them informed , motivated, encouraged, and educated about the best ways to use in maintaining long lasting and meaninful sobriety.

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How To Be An Influencer

Influence is everthing, if you want to be a leader that is for sure. These videos teaches you exactly how to be a very charistmatic Influencer.

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Big Business Blueprint

Big Business Blueprint

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Five Ways To Start An Online Business

Five Ways To Start An Online Business helps you to trun your ideas into real tangible profits

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How To Develop Emmotional Intelligence

How To Develop Emmotional Intelligence videos will help you to master your emotons to the highest levels.

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Kambucha Kickstart

Kambucha Kickstart teaches you about the TEA of immortality and why you chould use it for healthy living.

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The Prodigal Soldier Addictions Formula

The Prodigal Soldier Addictions Formula videos are designed to help you overcome and defeat drugs and alchohol addictions for life.

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Success Principles

Success Principles must be adheard to , if you want to succeed in life. You can have the success rituals, but if you don't have the success principles, your rituals will be useless. You need a solid foundation/s on where to begin building your success in life. these vid

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Stretching For Seniors

Seniors/Anti-aging videos are designed to help seniors deal with life while gracefully aging.

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Stress Eliminator

Stress Eliminator enables you to completely take stress out of your life!

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Previews Of Coming Attraction!

Previews Of Coming Attraction! videos are just a few compilation of my videos I make about living my life in sobriety for the past six years. I truley greatful to many people who have helped me along the the way, to achieving long lasting and meaningful sobriety.

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Motivation Mojo

Motivation videos enlighten and teach you some of the best ways to get motivated, and stay this way so you can have energy to push forward and achieve anything you want in life.

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Ultimate Fitness Part Three

Ultimate Fitness - Part three videos is the continuation of a four part series that gives complete beginners hints so they can begin to excercise naturally without spending money or having to pay for a fitness coach.

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Mervin's Reset Mind

Reset Mind videos will teach you how to reset your mind for personal reformation and transformation.

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Coping With Stress

Coping With Stress teaches you the best ways to cope with very stressful situations.

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Writing With Word

Writing With Word is a very important skill that anyone can learn and master. If you learn to write with word, you can make miracles by becoming your own creator, at whatever you want to create. Writing is a necessity of life, and Word make s it so much easier especaill

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Mervin's Work At Home

Mervin's At From Home Productivity teaches you how to be self sufficient and financially independent by working for yourself online.

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Make A Thousand Dollars Per Day Online

These videos teaches you how to Make A Thousand Dollars Per Day Online.

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Joint Health

Joint Health videos are designed to teach people who are suffering with joint problems, and other problems related to the human skeletal system.

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Weightloss Mantra

Weightloss Mantra will teach you how to loose body weight fast

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Coaching Authority

Coaching Authority videos teaches you how to become an online coach using your own knowledge to teach others what you you know.

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Live Your Dream Life

These videos will show you how to Live Your Dream Life starting today!

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Power Of Focus

Power Of Focus videos will teach and equip you to develop deep focus for any undertaking in life.

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Green Living

Green Living videos teaches you another way to stay highly active, live and eat healthy in nature to staying clean and sober for life.

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Code Red Profits

Code Red Profits video teaches you how to be creative by using already existing resources you may have , alog with other free resources to make an online business.

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Adswaps videos teaches you how to leverage other people email lists that are in the same market as you. The easiest way to making profits might be an email list away.

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