Why Living In The Last Days Is Applicable To Everyone Living In Sobriety From Drugs And Alchohol.

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    When I use to go to church growing up as young boy, I always heard that we were living in the last days before Jesus Christ returns. At mervintimothyreyes.com/free-addiction-training/ I create many spiritual and christian videos for addicts living in recovery from drugs and alchohol addictions.
    The spiritual element of healing from drugs and alchohol can be ommitted , or taken for granted when trying to get treatment or heal from any type of addictions. In fact! In my experience and opinion, it should be at the very top of the lists of things required in therapies of healing.
    When pastors and preachers talk about the last days, the are refering to the time of Jesus's return here in the earth to recieve his chosen people. But what a lot of people do not realize is that their personal last day in the world can be any day, including today.
    With this reality that we can all be living our very last days here in this earth without even realizing this, we as addicts living in recovery must be very aware of living a spiritually pure adn honest life. After all addictions, any type of addictions, defiles the body , mind and spirit of a person.
    So we must always walk in vigilance, and deep realization, that the last days are always inherently applicable to all human beings. Therefore we should strive to live according to God's will , purpose, and laws, and stay away from substances that difile our bodies. For premium videos on this and other subjects, go to mervintimothyreyes.com/free-addiction-training/

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