How To Stay Highly Motivated Living Your Life In Recovery From Addictions.

  • I stay highly motivated living in recovery from addictions every single day for the past six years. And its all starts here! Yes I have bad day, tideous days, times when things don't go the way I intended, and most importantly, days when I don't feel motivated.
    But the secret sauce that I use to stay highly motivated living in recovery from addictions is very simple. Here it comes! "Act like the way you want to feel and it will happen to you." Yes! It's not bullshit either.
    So when I AM feeling down and out, I trick my own mind into believing that there are wonderful things happening to me from within and without myself. If I felt tired, feel like giving on my projects, or just feeling outright stressed out, I fake it until it happens in reality.
    This simple trick works like a charm 100% of the time and I feel like I am lacking in motivation.

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