White knuckling Versus No Matter WhatIn addiction recovery meetings

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    and today I want to talk about "White knuckling" Versus No "Matter What"
    In addiction recovery meetings, there is a term widely used i.e. ‘white
    knuckling’. As the term implies it is used to describe the experience of
    an addict who is abstaining from drugs and fighting the urge to use it
    with all his strength and willpower. It also implies that an addict is
    doing it all on his own without any help.
    White knuckling is considering in a negative way and used to describe
    that an addict is not following his/her recovery plan or recovering in
    the right way. Recovery Experts believe that addicts who are trying to
    recover on their own will certainly fail at one point or another, making
    the relapse inevitable.
    On the other hand, there is another term i.e. ‘No Matter What’. An
    addict who is undergoing recovery will be advised that when
    everything else fails, he/she just have to focus on abstaining drugs.
    They are advised to not use drugs, no matter what.
    The advice is strong considering that your brain starts healings once
    you stop using drugs.
    Difference between White Knuckling and No Matter What:
    Although both are implying the same thing, there is a major difference
    between ‘white knuckling’ and ‘no matter what’.
    The implication of no matter what is that you have to stay clean
    through your willpower but in this case, you are also going to meetings
    and have a sponsor.
    White Knuckling is the same thing in every way but in this case, you
    are doing it on your own, with no help.
    When connected with 12-step programs, some addicts think that it is
    the best and probably the only way to overcome addiction and live a
    sober life.
    On the alternate side, few addicts think that 12-step is a sort of ‘keep-
    the-person-occupied-centers’, to keep the addict busy in different
    lively activities while working on staying clean.
    Which is more effective for recovery – White Knuckling or
    No Matter What?
    When we talk about recovery we are actually referring to staying clean
    from drugs/alcohol and healing our brain.
    In recovery programs, you have a sponsor who will guide you through
    every step of how to handle your drug cravings. You are often advised
    and motivated to never use drugs, no matter what.
    And this requires a lot of willpower. Same willpower can be used in
    white knuckling also. Like we said earlier, you can call ‘white
    knuckling’ is doing the ‘no matter what’ without any recovery program
    or sponsor.
    The Outcomes of Both Programs:
    The outcomes of both the programs – ‘white knuckling’ or ‘no matter
    what’ remains the same.
    If you are suffering from addiction and undergoing the 12-step
    program, you will be advised and motivated to never use drugs no
    matter what. This is actually a good advice for your health and life.
    On the other hand, if you are not going to any program and recovering
    on your own and if you managed to avoid drugs by yourself only, then
    you should understand that you are still achieving success towards
    With time and proper care, your addictive behaviors and cravings will
    start dissipating and your brain will start to function normally again.
    But remember, that addiction is a chronic disease and a person always
    possesses chances to relapse even after staying clean for a long time.
    You must remain cautious about situations, people, places that can act
    as strong triggers for relapse.
    What possess greater chances of Relapse – ‘White
    Knuckling’ or ‘No Matter What’?
    Relapse occurs when a person’s need to use drugs overshadows
    his/her willpower to stay clean.
    Although during a recovery, both possess a chance to relapse but as in
    ‘white knuckling’ the individual is alone and trying to quit on his own,
    it possesses a greater chance of relapse.
    In ‘no matter what’ your sponsor will be by your side, motivate you
    every day, teach you great ways to stay busy and be cautious about
    Both the programs offer a solid approach to overcome addiction, but
    everyone must understand that every person is different. There are
    multiple paths to recovery and require different methods, techniques
    and willpower levels. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to
    addiction recovery. Therefore it is suggested that every individual
    should find a way that suits his/her needs for lifetime sobriety.
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