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Why Most Drug And Alchohol Addicts Return To Their Addictions Even After Drugs And Alchohol Treament

  • Welcome back to the vlog. After forty plus years suffering and battling drugs and alchohol addictions, I made a course to help others who are experiencing these troubles. See it here .
    The primary reason that most addicts, who received drugs and alchohol treament, return to their addictions is because of one single missing element. That missing element, that drugs and alchohol treamnent centers fail to uncover in an addicts treatment is very difficult to find.
    What complicates finding this missing element is the fact that this missing element is unique, like our finger prints. Each addict, will have to uncover his or her own missing element. If there are , for example ninety patients in treatment, then its very hard for the staff to uncover ninety different missing element, the precise right one for each patient.
    Addicts, and addicts in recovery such as myself, keep searching for this element, this feeling of outrageousness, excitement, ecstacy, and adrenalin rush. What I did to break over four decades of drugs and alchohol addictions, was to replace all that was said above, with a single passion.
    This passion must be true, genuine, and must provide an addict living in recovery, with the same feeling as when he or she was doing substance abuse and living on a dopamine high. This is a very hard thing to find in addicts, as we addicts are very hypocritical, and deceptive people.
    The best way for an addict in rcovery to find this missing piece of the puzzle, is for him or her to be presented with many options on a silver platter. Then the addict in recovery will make a choice fro him or herself. This is what I do in my course. See it here ecstacy

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