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The Importance Of Drugs And Alchohol Treatment Training To Stay Sober And Live A Life Of Sobriety.

  • Hi and welcome to "The Prodigal Soldier Addictions Formula." I created this course from over four decades of addiction life experiences. While that might sound like a lot of years battling drugs and alchohol addictions, it is.
    Most of my struggles battling drugs and alchohol adddictions were becuse I did not find any drugs and alchohol treament program that worked for me. I failed one drugs and alchohol treatment center after the next.
    I have personally struggled with crack-cocaine addictions, powdered cocaine addictions, marijuana addictions, alchohol addictions, and many other types of drug abuse and substance abuse. Today, I have put myself, my face, my reputation, my life on the line for all my fellow human beings, that are suffering from this deadly disease. Feel free to see my drugs and alchohol treament program here.

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