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  • This Christian personal development and transformation vlog is a Christian testimony about a our terrible plane ride experience. We were travelling through a very rough storm in Italy when extremely heavy turbulence hit our plane. It was during this time, that everyone began screaming, crying for their live. While I found the experience frightening, my family and I were ready to go and meet our God.
    I began praying to God and called upon his holy name to let his angels bare us up , less we be dashed our death. It is a very good thing , a great feeling when you have this type of confidence in the midst of great uncertainties .
    After about ten minutes, what seemed like forever, during this very horrible experience, we landed safely. I can truthfully tell anyone, that God was there with us that day on that aircraft, he saved us. We Could see the horrific lightening flashes through our windows, the extremely dark clouds, plenty of rain, along with the violent turbulence of our plane.
    It was an experience that reminded me how quickly people will call upon a God they don't even know, care for, pray to , to save them in times of trouble. I'm sharing this life changing experience with you, so that you know, that you should not wait for trouble to hit your life, before you call upon his mighty name to be saved.
    Today is the acceptable time for salvation, seek God now, while he may be found, call on his name while he is near, an you can always be confident that he will be with you in times of trouble.
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