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  • Hi there:-) My name is Mervin Timothy Reyes from mervintimothyreyes.com. My apologies, here is a correction that I was not very clear about in my video. Do you know how many times Edison failed to invent the bulb? We can go and buy a light bulb quite casually at a shop. Imagine failing 2,774 times to buy one. Yes! He failed 2,774 times according to his records and then reached a working design of an electric light bulb. So with the invention of the light bulb itself, he had 2,774 failures. I did not mention that and just wanted to clarify it ok.
    But! Here is where I am correct and spoke about in my video. The man also stumbled, sometimes tremendously. In response to a question about his missteps, Edison once said, “I have not failed 10,000 times—I’ve successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.” Here he was speaking about his general undertakings, not just the light bulb ok:-) I just wanted to get my facts straight so you know that what I vlog ang blog about are reliable content.
    Life is a beautiful phenomena. I love life! Even when I was faced with tremendous adversities, I loved life! I keep discovering some amazing things about myself. I've realized and came to the conclusion that we all need God. So! When I embraced him, my life took a big change for the better.
    He restored me and is teaching many things. One of those things he told me is this: "I've called you to speak to, lead and guide people that are in need and  heal the nations with your gift of speaking Mervin." I live in the mountains of Italy. I began obeying God, creating my vlogs from my own failures in life and how I overcame those failures. Today, I am here to help anyone break their bad habits and addictions, to becoming the best version of themselves. Today I am travelling the World, vlogging my message of "CHANGE".
    I VLOG anywhere I go! Lots of my VLOGS were conducted place in airports, on airplanes, trains, in the forest of Italy, the deserts sands of Spain, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Vatican city, Buckingham Palace, The Indian Ocean, and much much more... I am a passionate life transformation coach, leader and digital product creator. Today I am married to Doctor Maria Caterina Vetro, psychologist MD. Together we are raising our amazing beautiful and intelligent seven years old daughter, Dalia Zoe Reyes where we reside in Italy.
    Watch thousands of my free VLOGS and read hundreds of my FREE blog articles. I design all my digital works to help people transform their lives for FREE! Want to support my work of LIGHT AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT? Simply purchase any of my PROFESSIOANAL DIGITAL PRODUCTS AND COURSES OR, EMAIL ME AT: admin@mervintimothyreyes.com for PUBLIC SPEAKING SERVICES.
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