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Five Hundred Plus Free Self Help Addiction Recovery Videos By Mervin Timothy Reyes.

Welcome to all my free Self Help Addiction Recovery Programs videos. My  daily Self Help Addiction Recovery Programs videos, vlogs, are designed to help people to heal from their substance abuse problem. It is my sincere desire that you or someone you know love and care for, can use my videos to help them change their life for the better. If you’re wondering, yes I have my own Self Help Addiction Recovery Programs PRO videos here. I HAVE JUST ADDED JAVASCRIPT CODE so you can now enjoy Watching my videos while scrolling 🙂

Kindly note that I have my 180 VIDEO COURSES ACADEMY HERE. You will be required to do one video playlists of a minimum of 10 videos, and a few  some cases 12- 20 videos, everyday for 180 days. At the end of my self help addiction recovery programs, you will receive a certificate of successful completion, after which I will train, prepare and help you setup your own self help addiction recovery programs business, so you in turn will go forth and be able to make a positive impact in the world with your new life in healing and living in recovery. You will also get instant access to all my e-books and personal attention and one to one coaching. I promise you that you will not find another self help addiction recovery programs like the prodigal soldier addiction formula programs. Click the button below to register for my coaching program now. See yo inside the members training area soon. Cheers!

Prodigal Soldier Silver Membership
Welcome to "The Prodigal Soldier Addiction Formula Entrepreneurial Membership." You will receive Perks from previous level(s) PLUS Entrepreneurial HD video courses, Early access to my new videos courses and Members-only live streams along with my personal coaching that you will use to rebuild your life 360 degrees. This programs lasts for 180 days. Healing is awesome, but now you must learn how to successfully rebuild your life. Cancel anytime.
Prodigal Soldier Bronze Membership
Welcome to Prodigal Soldier Bronze Membership. This is a "Self Help Addiction Recovery Programs" Video Courses Academy Membership. These are 180 days of transformational video training courses, specifically created for people who want to experience personal and professional transformation. Get instant access now for just 49,00 for the first month, and then $99,00 monthly, cancel anytime.

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