About Me

Hi! My name is Mervin.

                                          I AM a digital product creator.My life was not like this a few years ago. For years I struggled to break my old habits of drug and alchohol addiction. I always knew that I was not that person. I had to rise to the challenge of not just healing from that lifestyle, but to bring out the real me, the person I saw me to be in my mind.

In 2015 I got excellent treatment, and my journey to rebuild my life began. I have not looked back since then and began walking the road of simplicity , truth. dignity, and goodness in my life. God had never left me or forsaken me, even when I was down! To tell you the truth, everyone else did forsake me at one point or another during my years of passing through the fire!

I began taping into my inner man for the last six years and found a wealth of knowledge lying around deep within me. I prayed on ways to use my gifts, and knwledge once again, to serve others that are going through the same fire of addictions I went through fulltime for the last twenty years.

God began showing me things, new insights about myself, and opened new doors that if I were to ttell you , would sound unbelieveable! The blessings of heaven pured out upon me. " My cup overflowed." Today I can sit here and write about all the great things I was able to achieve living in recovery from addictions. But you know what? Words are cheap! So , stick around, watch, listen, and then you decide for yourself, if I AM a fake, or a person that able to truely bring out the champion in me.

One of the things I used to rebuild my life was the internet. I have always been a teacher, an instructor, at something in any given moment throughout my life. I began ccreating videos, websites,  books and audio courses. Later on, this small understaking lead to greater studies here in Italy where I live with my beautiful family. I hope that you can use my program to rebuild your life, in some way or another. Addiction is a giant and a monster to defeat. You will sure need the armer of faith, and all the support and educational materials possible.

I love online education and so I made this elearning platform/program for people who want to learn how to heal from their addictions and rebuild their lives anew. There are many reasons for learning new subjects. But in this era, I can tell you right away that if you don't take online education seriously, you will be left behind as a person and as a professional. So my advice to everyone is learn something new, sharpen your knowledge, and be the best at what you do for the rest of your life living in recovery. The advantage of learning something are limitless. Here are just a few things you will learn, access, and do here on this platform.

1. You get unlimited access to all our video courses in all categories as a member.

2. You get unlimited access to all our video courses in single video tutorials as a member.

3.You get unlimited access to all our video courses in complete playlists tutorials as a member.

4.You get unlimited access to all our video courses in complete channels tutorials as a member.

5. You get unlimited access to all our  new updated daily video courses as a member.

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7. You have the ability to directly message other members as a member.

8.Yu have direct access to our enterprenuerial community as a member.

9. You have unlimited direct access to me 24 hours per day 7 days per week for advice as a member.

10. The sky is the limit! Learn one subject , or as many as you wish to learn for as long as your a member.

"The Prodigal Soldier Addictions Formula" is a "SELF HELP ADDICTION RECOVERY" membership portal. My Program helps people to break their drugs / alchohol addictions, stay sober, and rebuild their lives as online entreprenuers. Click "Premium Hub" To Join Now!



Mervin Timothy Reyes

CEO And Co-Founder

"The Prodigal Soldier Addictions Formula"