PSAF – Subscription Plan

Prodigal Soldier Silver Membership
Welcome to "The Prodigal Soldier Addiction Formula Entrepreneurial Membership." You will receive Perks from previous level(s) PLUS Entrepreneurial HD video courses, Early access to my new videos courses and Members-only live streams along with my personal coaching that you will use to rebuild your life 360 degrees. This programs lasts for 180 days. Healing is awesome, but now you must learn how to successfully rebuild your life. Cancel anytime.
Prodigal Soldier Bronze Membership
Welcome to Prodigal Soldier Bronze Membership. This is a "Self Help Addiction Recovery Programs" Video Courses Academy Membership. These are 180 days of transformational video training courses, specifically created for people who want to experience personal and professional transformation. Get instant access now for just 49,00 for the first month, and then $99,00 monthly, cancel anytime.
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