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Hi, my name is Mervin Timothy Reyes.

I have created this cummunity and elearning portal to help people who are mainly struggling with drugs and alchohol addictions. This portal can also help others, who might be struggling with other bad habits that they are finding it hard to break away from. The idea behind my creation of this elearning portal, is to help others break free , once and for all, from any type of substance abuse problems that they might be battling with. This is not a addiction and recovery treatment program. On the contrary, this is a video membership site that enables, and empower addicts who wish to live long lasting and meaninful life and lifestyle in recovery. This program gives adddicts in recovery many options, the same options I continue to use to live in sobriety for the last six years.

So why should you listen to me? What makes my content so important and valuable? Why should you dedicate time, focus, and money on this portal? After all, the internet is full of other places you can go to to watch videos about addiction and recovery for free. My answer to you is this. "I KNOW WHAT DRUGS AND ALCHOHOL FEELS LIKE." I have personally battled with crack-cocaine for decades, marjuana, alchohol, and it wasn't anything nice.

I have lost everything in my life owing to substance abuse and adddictions. People thought that I was finished! I have lost all friends, all family members, careers, freedom, health, and even my good name. In 2015, I got help, from small angel woman, who I believe that GOD sent into my life to help me heal from addictions. This small Italian woman, worked in many rehabs in Europe, and is highly educated and qualified in the field of addictions.

After six years in healing under her wings in the deep mountains of Italy, we are no happily married and raising our amazing young daughter. My story of healing and redemption is no less than an amazing fairy tale, and I feel exteremely blessed and highly favoured by the FATHER, THE SON, AND THE HOLY SPIRIT. As I continue to serve the living almighty GOD of heaven and earth, I have created a way to help others as well who are suffering from addictions.

This portal was no easy undertaking for me to build. I had to learn everything you are seeing right here, and what you are not even aware of behind the scenes, that make this portal tick and function like a well oiled machine. I spent six years, every single day and night working, learning, building, testing, breaking, spending, and getting frustrated , trying to put this dream together.

Today, on the 24th/02/2021 , after six long hard years of working on this portal, I have finally opened the doors for anyone who needs help with their drugs and alchohol addictions to come here and join me in sobriety. I have made both FREE AND PAID training to help people with basic guidance and inspiration, as well as those people who want more technical training , guidance and support in healing from thir addictions.

One of the key reasons that I thin anyone who are struggling with drugs and alchohol addictions should listen to me is the fact that I have been able toimplement and use every single piece of content on this portal to rebuild my own life in sobriety. I had to learn many new skills, during my rehabiliattion years, and later living in recovery. Here just a few of the courses I had to take in order to make this PROJECT a reality.



Website Creatiion

Search Engine Optimization

Salespage Creation



Visual Composer

Using Private Label Rights

Video Creation

Video Marketing

Digital Product Creation

Affiliate Marketing

Youtube Channel Creation

Social Media Networking

Social Media Marketing

Google Search Engine

Yahoo Search Engine

Bing Search Engine

Website Optimization

Website Security And Hacking Prevention

Mobile Site Optimization and much much more....

So you see, I did not just wakeup one morning and built this elearning portal for my cummunity. In fact I spent years putting together materials way in advance before I even began working on this website itself. I spent literally six years shooting videos everyday about my rehab process on the little obscure ancient Italian olive farm. I spent twelve to eighteen hour days working non-stop trying to figure out the framework, the premise, the promise and the actual core materials of course and lessons that I would implement here to help you.

You are looking at probably, the best , that the world has ever seen, all in one elearning platform for drugs and alchohol addicts. I know what works, and what don't. Crack-Cocaine is no easy DEMON TO DEFEAT! Yet I was able to defeat it and turn around and build this platform for others who need help defeating their drugs and alchohol addicions.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is are the courses, the community, and my support and coaching. All training courses are designed with one thing in mind. To help you learn what you want to learn, and then take whaever that subject matter is, and make a new life with that knowledge and skill. So how does it work? For example, you want to become a vlogger like me, then you can't just study vlogging. You have to learn other skills as well. Some of those skills would be , video editing, youtube channel creation, site optimization, public speaking, and copywriting just to name a few. So when one comes here, its not only to talk about how to heal from drugs and alchohol addictions.

Its also about something more GRAND! BIGGER! BRIGHTER! How to rebuild anew life from scratch by starting all over again after drugs and alchohol teatment, weather after getting out of prison, rehab, or recovery from overdose and getting out of that hospital. I know how you feel, thes tough battles you fight every single day, being rejected by family and friends, being broke, tired , wornout, discouraged, hopeless, and weak. I know about all these emotions that comes along with drugs and alchohol addictions.

I have suffered for years, decades, and fell to the lowest places of the EARTH. I know every single inch of your pains, I have walked this sad, terrible, dark desolate and lonely road of fighting the GIANT OF DRUGS AND ALCHOHOL ADDICTIONS. And you know what? God has prepared me, for many many years, full of experiences, to help you help yourself. WHAT THE ENEMY MEANT FOR HARM AND DESTRUCTION IN OUR LIVES, GOD IS TRUNING IT AROUND FOR GOOD THINGS that you and I will use to help not just ourselves, but others as well.

Hey! Take courage my friend! I have done it! And You can and will do it too! Nothing can stop you under this sun! And when I say nothing, I mean Nothing! You are a child of the living God. And if not as yet, you better accept God into your life first. Then after doing that, come back to me for help! Why? Because without God, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. HE is everything. With him on your side, all weapons formed against you will melt away. Many weapons were formed against me. By people in very high and not so high places. And God almighty broke them all down. He remade me into a brand new person, much better than I ever was even before my fall to dfrugs and alchohol addictions. Its all because of the living God, who makes the doors of treatment and community possible. Then after that you will begin rebuilding your life just I AM doing for the last six years.

Thanks for reading

Written By

Mervin Timothy Reyes.


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