The 5 P Living In Recovery From Addiction Life Rebuilding Approach

The 5 P Living In Recovery From Addiction Life Rebuilding Approach .

Today I want to talk about living in recovery  and my revolutionary healing from addiction and the life rebuilding process approach. This is an approach that I have personally come up with for myself. I did not know this was what I was using to rebuild my life. I was just an average person, struggling to rebuild my shattered life from drugs and alcohol addictions. This healing approach came to my attention while driving around with my family on daily shopping errands in Italy on the 2nd/02/2022.

I was sitting in the back seat of the vehicle when I realized that I was using what I now call the “FIVE P’s” life rebuilding approach, to personally rebuilding my life from addiction. This new life rebuilding approach is what I have stumbled upon, and it’s working very well for me. In time I plan to share this with the addiction recovery world, so that others can begin to explore by using it to rebuild their lives after addiction treatment as well.

I have spent two plus decades of relentlessly trying to heal from drugs and alcohol. I have relapsed many times over, and failed rehabs as well. In all my failures and set backs, I have finally discovered what truly works for me in living in long lasting and meaningful recovery. Living in recovery is an art that requires a few basics that many addicts living in recovery tend to overlook. Living in recovery requires honesty, hot persuit, and a life rebuilding strategy that comes naturally to the recovering addict. The clear concise and key elemeet to rebuilding one’s life from substance abuse is that it must be an effortless service of love, that solves a problem that people are willing to pay monies in order to get the solution. Once the set of life skills are mastered, and one can effortlessly and indefinitely produce it, then they can help people for FREE to build credibility in that niche or space that they choose to work in. Thereafter, one can scale up and begin ot offer paid services which can become highly profitable. This my friends is called “SLEF EMPLOYMENT” “ENTREPRENUERSHIP” “WORKING FOR YOURSELF” or anything you want to call it along these lines. In the end, you will be creating your own future from three things.

  1. Your purpose
  2. Your Skills that support and match your life’ purpose.
  3. Using those skills within the scope of your life’s purpose in order to solve an existing problem that people are willing to pay you for.

This is how I am recreating my own life living in recovery from years of drugs and alcohol addictions. I solved the PROBLEM IN MY OWN PERSONAL LIFE, then once set and decisive about living in long lasting and meaningful recovery, I decided to SOLVE THE EXAT SAME PROBLEMS OF DRUGS AND ALCOHOL ADDICTIONS for a dying world. So how did I set out on doing this? I created my YouTube channel that has hundreds of FREE ADDICTION RECOVERY VIDEOS

This took me years to do, but as I continued to create videos day in – day out everyday for years, I was building a new set of life skills living in recovery from addiction. My video creation, vlogging, blogging, website creation, public speaking, and video tutorial presentations all began getting better. THEN AFTER FIVE PLUS YEARS of doing this without making a single dime, I created my PROFESSIONAL SELF HELP ADDICTON RECOVERY ELEARNING PORTAL. Lots and lots of work, but I have proven it to work in my own life. The “FIVE P” approach takes time, and just like how getting into addiction take time, healing from addiction takes time, so does the life rebuilding process, it all takes time and patience along with consistence and persistence. The good news is this! You can do it. Want to learn more? Pickup my Free sixteen part video course now.

Mervin Timothy Reyes

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