My Addiction Recovery Mentor

About My Addiction Recovery Mentor: 

Psychologist MD, Maria C.Vetro, Summa Cum Laude

So how can a person who has graduated from the prestigious University of Padua, Italy become the most important person in my life? Well of course, besides my God, mother and father 🙂 .Well first lets learn about Padua, where she was well educated, and prepared long ago, in order to be be of addiction help to me.

Today, in this addiction recovery post, you are about to learn about a true tale of unconditional love and healing. How one fallen man, me, trapped in drugs and alcohol addiction lifestyle, got addiction help, and now I am in the process of teaching the others that they too can change their lives from substance abuse and addiction.


Doctor Maria C. Vetro and I met in October 0f 2013. In 2014 she invited me to visit her home country, Italy. For three months all was ok, but as I returned to my home country Belize, the problems that comes along with drugs and alcohol addictions became very obvious to experienced Psychologist MD, Doctor Maria Vetro. In spite of these negatives, she believed that she had the training, experience ad tools necessary to help Me to heal from my addictions.

So she flew to Belize once again with the hope of getting Me in addiction recovery treatment under her care. After nine plus months of drug and alcohol problems living in common law union together in Belize, she became tired. At this point she gave Me an ultimatum. ” Come with me to Italy to be treated at once, or remain alone in your life of addiction. I took that ultimatum, as I knew that my life was getting really ugly for him all over again, owing to his infinite drugs and alcohol relapses.

On the 10th of March 2015, we flew out of Cancun Mexico, and headed in route for a small fourth generational Italian olive farm in Italy, where Doctor Maria Vetro literally started her own drug and alcohol treatment program for Me. We were in love, but and she told me that I was full of potential and could have a bright promising future together as her husband, but only if I was prepared to make up my mind to embrace drugs and alcohol treatment for as long as it take. I accepted, it was the best choice I have ever made in my entire life!

Who Is Maria C. Vetro?

Psychologist MD, Project Manager for SMOM NGO (Medical Dental Solidarity in the World, Milano, Italy and Founder of Rainbow Projects in Belize, Cambodia, Italy, Guatemala and Zanzibar. She has been a member and consultant of numerous international Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) operating in Developing Countries (DCs).


She is responsible for designing and implement Cooperation for Development programs relating to the promotion of Mental Health and psycho – socio – economic interventions in Social Agriculture and Horticultural Therapy, Human Development, Sustainable Architecture, Eco Psychology and Rehabilitation.

Before moving abroad, she was for 8 years Research Manager and Senior Consultant for important Social Research, Communication and Marketing institutes (CIRM, ABACUS, TAYLOR NELSON SOFRES, RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL) and Founder of a consulting company (Solaris Management Consulting). She has carried out consultancy activities in Recovery Community for drug addicts, psychiatric patients and dual diagnosis, where she began to promote the use of complementary rehabilitation therapies: gardening, music and sports.

Graduated in Clinical Aromatherapy from the Australian College of Natural Therapies (A.C.N.T.) in Sydney, Australia.

After a substantial professional and life repertoire in Australia, Central America and the Middle East started in 2003, since 2011 she has been dedicating herself completely to “Rainbow Projects” – (

In 2017 she founded “Green Hero” social agriculture project in her family’s olive farm, which has as beneficiaries groups of migrants from various African nations, and which has as its main objective the insertion into the socio-cultural-economic context of its beneficiaries, using the lever agriculture as a training opportunity as well as a prospect of future professional integration.

During this time she began using and implementing what was her most treasured project ever. The drug and alcohol treatment of her husband, me. This took a lot of attention, and years of hard work , in what can only be called ” A Total Personal Transformational Journey” of a person. Doctor Maria pooled together all the necessary training, and human resources that she possibly could from  a lifetime of connections of highly skilled and trained qualified professionals in order to provide second to none drugs and alcohol treatment to Me, the love of her life, with the right treatment approaches.

Today, some seven years later, this was an incalculable investment of time, effort, finances, human resources and much more, that was more than worth this undertaking. Under Doctor Maria’s guidance, and mentorship, I Mervin Timothy Reyes was not only able to become a new person, but a person proud to be called husband and friend of this little Italian woman that literally saved my life. She made my addiction recovery possible! Today, Doctor Maria Vetro and I have a beautiful little baby girl, that they can now both happily call a family.

If there were any modern day tale of love and romance to be modeled after; I truly believe that the love, healing, and example of how hope is never lost for true transformation of anyone, is the story of how Doctor Maria Caterina Vetro believed in Me and literally change my life forever. Everyone deserves many chances over,  as for this cause is the hope of all who has fallen in their lives.

Hope and love conquers all ills of our world. All love, gratitude and thanks to the woman of my dreams, my mentor, my love, my life. AND ABOVE ALL, GLORY , HONOR AND PRAISE TO THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC, AND JACOB, for allowing me all these blessings that came through the key of the connection with one person. Doctor Maria C. Vetro.

Founder of Mervin’s Digital World And The Prodigal Soldier Addiction Formula Programs

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Mervin Timothy Reyes

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