Living In Sobriety And Celebrating My 50th Birthday

Living In Sobriety And Celebrating My 50th Birthday With A Deep Sense Of Gratitude.

Living In Sobriety! Today 04TH/06/2022, I am living in sobriety and celebrating my 50th birthday with a Deep sense of gratitude. I am thankful to God for being able to see half a century in this world. It’s a miracle that I am alive, but more of a miracle that I am FREE and SOBER. I am living a very happy and productive life. My family are the bed rock and the support of my life. It’s been a long life for me. I feel like I have lived two lives, and now I am about to begin living the third. I am using my third life to work for God. I do this by ministering to people that they don’t need substances to be happy.

My message is simple living in sobriety. Get treatment, be healed and live for Jesus Christ in joy, free from bad habits. Thanks to the countless people who has made my arrival at 50 years of age, a bit easier in this world. There were many that helped, and God shall reward each one according to what they have done for me. This is the day that the LORD has made I will rejoice and be glad in him.

Now I stand, leaning on him always, my God , whom I love with all my heart , soul, mind , and strenght. A special thanks to my mother, all my siblings, all my aunts nieces and nephews, and all people everywhere for whatever help, motivation, and advice they have given me. To my Friends, thank you for being there for me when you didn’t have to be, but you chose to be. To all my acquaintances that pas quickly through my life owing to circumstances in the passage of time.

You who played short moments of importance in my life also, no matter how insignificant it may seem. And to my enemies, I say This! That I love you deeply, sincerely and hope that you will one day see Jesus Christ and accept him into your life as Lord and savior, as I have. It is only him that makes all things possible. With God all things are possible, and there is nothing that can separate us from the love of God. Now I go about my day in simplicity, gratefulness, peace , joy, sobriety and love. Spending time with my family living in sobriety.

The GIFT that God himself has bestowed upon me. Glory to God for me being able to experience living in sobriety! The wisdom that I have gained at 50 is this. Being proactive in telling the people who helped me in my walk of life, how grateful you I am for what they have done for me. In short! I did not get to 50 years by myself. My parents brought me into this world by the hand of God who sent others to carry me along the pathway of life. That’s why I am 50 years old today, because of what God and others have done for me.

For this I will forever so grateful. Thank you all, you know yourselves, and God knows how much you did for me. In short no man is an island. People get to where they are in life because of the help they received from others who love and care for them. Mervin is no different. I Mervin Timothy Reyes, hold all of you as treasures in my heart forever, and that’s the truth and the whole truth, so help me God.

May God Richly Bless You All.

Mervin Timothy Reyes

Written by the hand of,

Mervin Timothy Reyes

Christian CEO And Founder of

Mervin’s Digital World Company LTD And

“The Prodigal Soldier Addictions Formula” Self Help Addiction Recovery Programs”

Digital Product Creator, Vlogger, Blogger, Author, Husband, Father, And 

Recovering Addict Since 09th January 2015-2022. for more addiction help.

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