How to Test if you’re Addicted to Your Phone

How to Test if you’re Addicted to Your Phone.

Technology has made sweeping changes to our everyday lives making things easier and more convenient for everyone but having the entire world in your back pocket can be an addicting feeling. Today, we’re going to talk about how you can tell if you’re addicted to your phone.

This test is simple and there are several different ways you can tell if you might have a bit more than a passing attachment to your favorite device! Keeping a good perspective on technology is a great way to keep balance in your life and create a healthy environment where you can thrive.

No Sleep

The first way you can tell if you’re addicted to your phone is that you can’t sleep at night. The blue light that’s emitted from phones, tablets, TVs, and computers stimulates your brain and disrupts your typical sleep cycle. If you can’t look away from your phone screen until your eyelids drop of their own free will, you’re probably addicted to your phone.


While spending too much time scrolling on your phone can give you anxiety, a good sign that you’re addicted is that you become anxious when you can’t look at your phone. This feeling of something missing from your life is indicative of the fact that you’re addicted. Addicts in other areas feel this same type of anxiety and it can cause major disruption within your everyday life.

Distraction Central

If you find yourself scrolling through your phone or immersing yourself in a digital world instead of the friends surrounding you, it’s a good sign that you’re addicted. Ignoring and avoiding conversations in real-life is a good way to stymie the healthy workout your brain needs and you might feel yourself not being quite as sharp. Engaging in everyday conversations is the best way to exercise your brain and stay focused! Scrolling and playing on your phone is passive while conversations in-person are active exercises.

Text Over Talk

The tendency to text instead of talk is one that’s become common these days. If you text more than you talk to anyone in your life whether it’s your mom or significant other, you’re probably addicted to your phone. This is a great time to take specific actions and put your phone aside and meet face-to-face.

Phantom Vibrations

Anytime you feel like your phone is vibrating only to check it and find no notifications, you’re probably feeling the anxiety that your phone isn’t in your hand and front of your face. This is a clear indication of phone addiction and shows heightened anxiety about not using your phone all the time. The added anxiety of phantom vibrations can continue to distract from your in-person friends and family and keep you from experiencing life to the fullest.

Drive and Text

The last simple test you can check to see if you’re addicted to your phone is to watch your habits and see if you text and drive. It’s been proven time and time again that texting and driving can be deadly. Engaging in this type of behavior puts you, your passengers, and other drivers at risk in major ways. Your phone addiction may be causing you to ignore safety precautions and text just to get a fix or good feeling at the expense of your health and wellness.


If you’re still not sure from simply observing your habits, there are online tests you can take to confirm your addiction but if your habits show any of these tendencies you may be seriously addicted and need a break. Carefully assess your habits and make changes to keep your health and wellness at the forefront of your mind!

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