How to Spot a Phone Addiction In Others

How to Spot a Phone Addiction In Others.

It can be hard to recognize addiction in your own life but with the gentle coaching of others around you, seeing and recognizing that addiction is the first step toward creating a health-conscious solution. Today we’re going to be talking about how to recognize a phone addiction in others. Your words of encouragement and intervention can help someone else!

Increasing Need

Someone who’s begun or been struggling with a phone addiction will start to need to use their cell phone more and more often to get the same effect. This behavior is seen across addictions and in anyone super connect to their phone it can be as simple as spending more time scrolling to feel engaged. They may become more quickly agitated and “bored” when they don’t have their phone for even a short period.

The increase in use may help stave off unwanted feelings momentarily but will need to be followed by longer periods to achieve the same effect. This time and excessive need may also start to manifest itself as lost time. People who have become addicted often find themselves scrolling without realizing they’ve been doing it for hours.

Constant Scrolling

Rather than engaging with the people surrounding them, someone who has become addicted to their phone will scroll to pass the time. Even when around family and friends, they turn to the instant gratification of scrolling instead of enjoying one-on-one interaction.

The apps and social media sites that someone addicted to their phone will scroll deliver a punch of dopamine which delivers a warm feeling right away. Instead of having to wait when engaged in real-life interactions, this scrolling gives the feeling of success immediately. Seeing someone scrolling at every available opportunity is a good sign of phone addiction.

Open and Close

Often, people who are addicted to their phones will open and close them without really looking at anything. They often feel phantom vibrations which the body and mind interpret as a notification but is just a thought. These phantom vibrations cause phone addicts to open and close their phones a lot throughout the day.

Many times you’ll see your loved ones or those around you pull out their phone with the excuse that they’re looking at the time. In reality, it’s simply the action of opening and closing the phone that they’re chasing. This feeling is often followed by a reemergence of the phone for another session of scrolling.

Can’t Go Without It

Finally, one of the ways you can tell someone is addicted to their phone is that they can’t imagine going without it or have tried and failed numerous times. Phone addicts, much like those struggling with other addictions, often have failed attempt after failed attempt to get rid of their vice. You’ll be regaled with stories of how they just “can’t go without it” as they scoop up the phone and run out the door.

With lots of dedication and accountability, many people find they can wean themselves off of using their phones all the time. There will always be another excuse of why it’s a vital part of their life so keep a close eye on how often they’ve tried, and failed, to stop using their phone so much.


Being able to see the signs of phone addiction in others may be harder than you think. But once you pick up on the patterns, you’ll be able to offer guidance, love, and support to move past the issue in the future. Keep an eye out for this behavior and help keep your friends and family safe.


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