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Hi! I Am Mervin And I Will Help You Change Your Life Both Personally And Professionally. I Will Teach And Equip You How To Take Your Knowledge And Passions, Turn Those Into An Online Course, And Sell That As A Digital Product Or Service Anywhere On The Planet Using My Proven Strategies And Techniques.

Create, Publish and Share Digital Lessons – Like A PRO In Any Language!

Lingua Course Maker is the best, most efficient solution for creating, publishing, and then selling your
digital lessons such e-books , pdf files, mindmaps, cheetcheats, video courses, softwares and affiliate products in any language with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Are You Looking For An Easy Way To Sell Digial Information Right Now?

Everyone will agree that e-learning is one of the fastest, powerful and most profitable types of educational system available to us today. In fact, the number of people that are using the Internet to learn is growing by the minute. If you are a business owner (or you want to be) you can transform your knowledge and expertise into an online educational pathway that you can use to easily make a living online anywhere in the world. The quickest, and most non technical way to do this is by using state of the art technology that requires no experience at all.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 6.4 million students, or about 25 percent of them, took at least one online course in 2016. It provides numerous benefits to users including:

1. Online learners can get the education they need on the go. No matter where they are or what they are doing, they can learn.

2. It is far more affordable. Distance learning is a fraction of the cost of formal college education.

3. It allows people to expand their experience and knowledge while working or continuing their career.

4. Online learning provides a greater range of knowledge. Individuals can learn from industry experts, other students, and educational leaders.

5. Distance learning keeps the student in charge. They can learn at the pace, in the place, and in the way that works for their individual needs.

For all of these reasons, online education is here to stay. If you are an industry expert or you have a message to get out, YOU can take advantage of these benefits and turn them into an incredible opportunity for yourself.

How Can You MAKE MONEY Any Where In The World from E-Learning?

Now, here’s the big question that you need to answer:

How can you take this growing trend of online education and turn it into a money making apportunity for yourself? You can MONETIZE educational learning in many ways, making it one of the best ways for you to generate a steady stream of income from anywhere and in any way you would like to. This is so powerful especially if your able to caplitalize on selling yours or affiliate digital products in other languages as well.

So, let’s talk about those ways. How can you make money doing this in english or any other number of languages for that matter?

Create a membership opportunity that allows members – who are paying you – to gain access to the knowledge you have. Remember, they are paying you for knowledge.

Create specific courses and sell access to them. Do this numerous times over, creating various streams of income.

Use it to monetize your PLR content. If you have content that’s just sitting on your site that you haven’t really gotten the most out of, you can do that here. You can even purchase PLR content from a third party (so you don’t even have to write it yourself) and then create lessons, content, and much more to add to your site and blogs.

It sounds great, but what does this mean for you as a business owner?

How are you going to actually create these types of visuals and incredible lesson


lingua course maker languages

One of the biggest misconceptions about online learning is that someone else has to actually create the content that you’ll share. Perhaps you aren’t techy. You may not have a lot of experience with creating this type of digital product. That’s okay!


Lingua Course Maker


Lingua Course Maker Does the Work for You!

Lingua Course Maker is one of the most powerful resources you can get if you are looking for an effective way to create digital e-learning tools and material. There’s simply no better way to communicate your message especially if you don’t want to waste time or money. So, what is it?

This software product is very easy to install. It takes minutes to put it on your server and then you can access it from anywhere).

You can pretty much do it all including:

Adding lessons

Creating the embed code to share

Inserting it to a page

Displaying your lessons

Add the embed code to ANY page online and match your existing site’s style

Another nice feature – you can share your embed code if you want to do so. This can allow other people to place your course on their website. In fact, this is a fantastic additional way of monetizing your course. The other site can “lease” your course while you collect revenues from it and they gain the exposure that your outstanding content can provide. And… do not worry… If you pass the embed code and the other party won’t pay you, then just click on a button and disallow the insertion of the course! It’s that easy!

Now, you’ve got the information you need, but… how do you really create the content? Well… It may be easier to do this than you realize.

The software allows you to create a single course (you can install it over and over again for as many courses you’d like!)

You can customize the fonts of the title and the text – color, size, and font type

You can create a lesson by simply adding a title, adding the content using a simple html editor, and add links for resources, files, etc. (You can add links and files in most formats)

From this admin area, you can also track your content. You can:

See how many times it has been displayed…

Click to hide a lesson…

Click to edit a lesson…

Click to delete a lesson…

Move a lesson up and down in the series…

Here is the Dashboard where you can control everything:


Here is where you can control the font size and color of all lessons' text:


Here is the easy form where you can add your lessons, links as resources and even attach files as assignments, etc.:


Here is where you can preview all the lessons of your course, edit a lesson, delete lessons, hide lessons and also see how many times each lesson has been viewed online:


Here is where you can copy the code to embed it in any webpage and match the course with the style of your website:


And here is where you can control the domain names that can display the course - that way you can even LEASE a course to clients and allow the clients to display the course for as long they pay for it!


Lingua Course Maker Rocks!

Watch The Video Below To See How You Can Do This!

It can’t be easier than that!

Do You Want To Control More Courses From 1 Installation?

Check Out the Pro Version:

Lingua Course Maker PRO


This is the UPGRADED version of the software. The Basic version allows you to create 1 course and display the lessons on any website. If you want to create another course, you need to install the software again.

The PRO version you will get from this page allows you to create UNLIMITED COURSES FROM 1 INSTALLATION only and display ANY course to any webpage!




  Both versions you will get from this page allows you to Embed Your Courses On STUNNING Ready Made Niche Webpages To Display ANY course to any webpage! Have a Look AT THESE BELOW!

copywriting (Copy)


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instagram marketing (Copy)


jv broker (Copy)


kindle publishing (Copy)


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outsourcing (Copy)


search engine optimization (Copy)


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software development (Copy)


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facebook applications (Copy)


web hosting (Copy)


website traffic (Copy)


you tube marketing (Copy)

Pro Version Webpages

Babies Niche Webpage

babies (Copy)

Accounting Niche Webpage

accounting (Copy)

Bakery Niche Webpage

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 Bars Niche Webpage

bars (Copy)

Beauty Salon And Spa Niche Webpage

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Bookshop Niche Webpage

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How To Sell Cars Niche Webpage

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Taking Care Of Your Cats Niche Webpage

cats (Copy)

Children Niche Webpage

children (Copy)

Cinema Niche Webpage

cinema (Copy)

Dentists Niche Webpage

dentists (Copy)

Doctors Niche Webpage

doctors (Copy)

Drones Niche Webpage

drones (Copy)

Gardening Niche Webpage

gardening (Copy)

Golf Niche Webpage

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Green Energy Niche Webpage

green energy (Copy)

Gym Niche Webpage

gym (Copy)

Hotels Niche Webpage

hotel (Copy)

Journalism Niche Webpage

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Lawyers Niche Webpage

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Manicure Niche Webpage

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Music Niche Webpage

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Pet Owners Niche Webpage

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Plumming Niche Webpage

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Recipes Niche Webpage

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Restaurants Niche Webpage

restaurants (Copy)

Travel Niche Webpage

travel (Copy)

Video Production Niche Webpage

video producing (Copy)

Wedding Niche Webpage

weddings (Copy)

If you do a check, it will become evident that won’t find something so “breaking” like this wonderful software.
Not only it will make your life way easier, but it will as well make your profits soar … in record time.

Let me tell it to you again:

I’ve been personally using this software for a long time now and my results have been nothing short of AMAZING.


What’s even better about Lingua Course Maker is that it is one of the most powerful tools available to you and it comes with a 30-day MONEY BACK GUARENTEE! You don’t have anything to lose but you gain the ability to create multiple streams of income for you. All you have to do is share your knowledge. It’s never been easier to create the money you need from the knowledge you already have!


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To Your Online Success!


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